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All About Dorie
Sex Female Spayed Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Poodle Toy - 7.8 pounds
Color Cream
Age -2 years
Okay with kids? Average
Okay with men? Average
Okay with cats? Unknown
Okay with other dogs? Excellent
Housebroken? Good
About Dorie ADOPTION PENDING: Beautiful cream colored, sweet, shy, playful toy poodle
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Dorie's Ideal Home: Someone to familiarize her with sounds and people and let her know she`s safe. A 4-legged play buddy and plenty of stuffed toys would be ideal.
Dorie's Favorite Things: Dorie loves her stuffed toys and playing. She`s a pro at retrieving her stuffed toys. She enjoys her morning walks and walks perfectly on leash.
Making Friends with Dorie: Take it slow. Let her come to you. Dorie startles very easily to people, noises, and movements, but has warmed up to foster mom quickly. She takes treats and likes to play. A crate is important as it is her safe place. She goes to her crate on her own.

Current Health: Grade 2 luxating patella back right leg. Surgery not recommended.
Medicines Needed: Preventative and Phyco Canine Joint Support