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In Praise of the Older Dog

What is the Seniors for Seniors Program?
An attractive concept used by many animal rescue/humane organizations, an older dog is successfully matched up with a senior citizen. Lifestyle requirements of an older person often mix well with the lifestyle of an older dog. It's a win/win situation, resulting in quality retirement companionship for both. Seniors must be 65 or older, and able to properly care for an older dog.

Senior dogs whose lives have been disrupted in their later years have so much love to give and like nothing better than giving it. They tend to rely heavily on their owner for companionship and therefore bond very quickly. The desire to reciprocate the companionship given to them is very strong. Many have lost a life long owner and want another person to love them like the last one.

Ease of Care
Senior dogs, in most cases, do not have the same exercise requirements as their younger counterparts. They want nothing more than a warm pair of feet to lie by or a soft lap or couch to snuggle on. Their daily/weekly walks can be therapeutic for both dog and owner! Although some senior dogs may require more frequent veterinary visits, the joys of owning a senior dog will greatly outweigh the effort involved.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
You sure can. While it may take an older dog a bit longer to adjust to new situations, they can; they will; they do. Generally, older dogs are calmer and therefore will focus much easier on what you are trying to teach them.

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