Take me Home - Special Needs Dogs
Can you help one?

These are the dogs that are most in need of a loving home. While some of the dogs we rescue are in good health, others have suffered greatly at the hands of their previous owners and may have health challenges, emotional trauma or both.

These little guys are true survivors. Despite all they've been through, they are still wonderful creatures. They deserve the extra care and love they need. We hope you agree!

Name Sex/Breed/Size Age Color Description
Most Recent Picture
Poodle Toy
9 pounds
6 Cream Sweet little toy poodle found as a stray in Titusville. Had been used as a breeder. Mammary tumors - removed. Loves to cuddle and play like a puppy.

Most Recent Picture
Poodle Mini
16 pounds
9 Cream Adoption Special: Reduced Fee of only $50 Cuddly cream poodle with apricot highlights, tall legs - friendly.