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All About Myla
Sex Female Spayed Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Mix - Poodle Small - 5 pounds
Color Black
Age -1 years
(as estimated by vet)
Okay with kids? Unknown
Okay with men? Good
Okay with cats? Average
Okay with other dogs? Good
Housebroken? Good
About Myla ADOPTION PENDING: Adorable shy poodle mix puppy. Minimal shedding possible
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Myla's Ideal Home: She needs another active dog to play with in a fenced yard
Myla's Favorite Things: Running, playing with another dog
Making Friends with Myla: Give her time and she will come to you. She is a very active, playful puppy but quite shy.

Current Health: Excellent. Mild luxating patella
Medicines Needed: Prevention only