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All About Lucky
Sex Male Neutered Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Bichon/Poodle Mini - 14 pounds
Color Cream
Age 3 years
(as estimated by vet)
Okay with kids? Excellent
Okay with men? Excellent
Okay with cats? Excellent
Okay with other dogs? Excellent
Housebroken? Good
About Lucky Sweet, perky young boy with a tiny stump of a tail. Non-shedding, but probably not pure poodle maybe bichon mix. Very social and loves to be around people and other dogs.
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Lucky's Ideal Home: Really needs to have a companion dog to play around with. Gets along with kids, cats, and loves to be near humans.
Lucky's Favorite Things: Playing with toys, being around humans and playing with his foster doggie siblings.
Making Friends with Lucky: I love people and other playful dogs, I am a real snuggler too. I am just so happy to be off the streets and love humans. I walk great on a leash. My human friends say I have beautiful eyes. I have gotten the chance to meet cats too and they don't bother me at all.

Current Health: Very healthy but has a problem with his rear legs and possibly his back. 9/18 x-rays show back/hips not aligned, possible detached tendon in left rear leg and knee not aligned. Dr. John recommends Lucky see ortho specialist for specific xx/Tx plan.
Medicines Needed: Monthly Preventatives Only