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All About Hutch
Sex Male Neutered Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Goldenpoo Large - 63 pounds
Color Apricot
Age 4 years
(as estimated by vet)
Okay with kids? Good
Okay with men? Good
Okay with cats? Unknown
Okay with other dogs? Excellent
Housebroken? Excellent
About Hutch ADOPTION PENDING: Gorgeous gentle golden doodle who needs a patient, loving family to help him gain confidence in others; extremely timid and easily frightened
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Hutch's Ideal Home: Quiet family with lots of time to give him attention and love
Hutch's Favorite Things: His foster mommy and being close to her
Making Friends with Hutch: This gentle boy is very afraid of people, especially men, but doing much better. Noises scare him, especially thunderstorms and fireworks. He needs plenty of time and space to warm up to others. He's very needy and doesn't like to be alone. He needs a family with a lot of patience and love. Must never be let outside without a leash; even with a fenced yard, he will run.

Current Health: Excellent
Medicines Needed: Prevention meds only