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All About Cherisse
Sex Female Spayed Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Shihtzapoo Small - 8 pounds
Color Other
Age 1 years
Okay with kids? Good
Okay with men? Average
Okay with cats? Unknown
Okay with other dogs? Good
Housebroken? Excellent
About Cherisse ADOPTION PENDING: Black/white party...looks more shih tzu than poodle...very cute face...has owl pattern.
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Cherisse's Ideal Home: Cherisse needs a home with a fenced yard so she can run off leash and play. Loves being outside!
Cherisse's Favorite Things: Cherisse needs love and a yard and a little training and she will thrive.
Making Friends with Cherisse: Cherisse loves companionship and outdoor exploration. She is also thrilled to go on walks. She is not very fond of stranger dogs and will bark/growl. Treats are great but many times, she does not eat them immediately. 10/12/11 - w/new foster loves to be held and petted and thrives on attn. Extremely sweet natured, almost timid. She would prefer to be in a one-dog family and most likely would do well there so she will receive all the love and attention. Barks a lot at men.

Current Health: She is in great health. Vet administered shots on 10/3/11 & microchipped. 10/11/11 - vet gave her flu vaccine since being boarded; given flea/HW med by vet for Oct since it was due 10th of the month (surrender provided). Rabies due 2013.
Medicines Needed: Flea, tick, h/w pill. - no other meds.