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All About Sarge
Sex Male Neutered Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Mix - Poodle Mini - 14.1 pounds
Color White
Age 3 years
(as estimated by vet)
Okay with kids? Poor
Okay with men? Excellent
Okay with cats? Good
Okay with other dogs? Excellent
Housebroken? Good
About Sarge Google 'fun', 'adorable', 'smart' and you'll find pictures of ME!!!! I love to roughhouse with standard poodle foster brother and know to be gentle with tiny, tiny foster sister dog. I am too scared of small children; over 10 yrs is okay.
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Sarge's Ideal Home: I'm a great guy who loves to take turns playing hard and napping through the day. Then later I settle down and sleep with you, hopefully. I love to be by you. I learned SIT in two tries. I go potty outside like a good boy!
Sarge's Favorite Things: Play and chase and roll around with another dog, even a big one! I love rawhides and things ok for me to chew! I am happy when I do good and you scruffle my head and kiss me!
Making Friends with Sarge: Give me a bit to come to you. I'm a little bit shy at first. Then we can be friends and PLAY and RUN and roll around and PLAY some more!!! Chase me too if you want to - I love it! I would love to have a rough and tumble brother or sister at home too so we can play while you are busy!

I get nervous if you try to pick me up when I'm standing on the floor, I'll back away. I don't know why, I just do. Let me get up on a sofa or chair and pick me up from there and it's no big deal!

Talk to me and tell me what a good boy I am. I like it when you check my feet and eyes and ears and take care of me.

Dog is fostered in HILLSBOROUGH county.

Current Health: I am a wonderfully healthy strong guy. My teeth are gorgeous and eyes are clear and bright. My hearing is great too and I listen well to my foster mom.
Medicines Needed: Monthy preventatives: Heartguard, Frontline plus.