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All About Summer Belle
Sex Female Spayed Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Poodle Standard - 51.6 pounds
Color Red
Age 10 years
Okay with kids? Excellent
Okay with men? Excellent
Okay with cats? Excellent
Okay with other dogs? Excellent
Housebroken? Excellent
About Summer Belle Beautiful red standard. She is very loving and stays close. A good watch dog but not one to bark for no reason. Great with dogs. Loves racing around a large yard. Cooperates very well with grooming. Athletic, active, smart.
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Summer Belle's Ideal Home: Summer Belle will do well in a home with her constant companion, Indigo, a totally secure fenced back yard is a must, no invisible fence. She will readily go after small critters.
Summer Belle's Favorite Things: Getting attention, going for walks and her constant, bonded companion, Indigo. Will chase a ball
Making Friends with Summer Belle: Hi, I`m Summer Belle. The picture is of me with my BFF Indigo.

Summer Belle is a very good looking red standard and loves attention. She wants to be close to a loved one constantly and will share the couch and bed, if you allow her. She is not timid of other dogs and approaches them without fear. Summer Belle walks on a leash well, but will bolt for a squirrel if she sees one nearby. She is housebroken and barks to go outside. She appears to learn quickly and gives good eye contact.

She does well greeting strangers and other dogs. Both dogs generate a lot of attention when going for a walk. She and Indigo do very well with the children who stop to greet her. She loves being in the fenced yard and chasing squirrels and she loves playing with Indigo. Summer Belle is very smart and easy to train.

Current Health: Diagnosed and treated for auto immune disorder in 2015. Is stable since treatment. Recommend her platelets be checked every 3 months to insure she doesn`t have a relapse. Summer Belle is well and happy and her life expectancy is normal.
Medicines Needed: Heartworm prevention and glucosamine for joint health