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All About Heidi Bee
Sex Female Spayed Most Recent Picture
Breed and Size: Mix - Poodle Medium - 39 pounds
Color Cream
Age 12 years
(as estimated by vet)
Okay with kids? Good
Okay with men? Excellent
Okay with cats? Unknown
Okay with other dogs? Good
Housebroken? Excellent
About Heidi Bee Super Sweet Basset Hound - Poodle mix; makes noise like a hound but likes to play like poodle.
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Heidi Bee's Ideal Home: Do you love to play with your dog? Then she is your girl - loves to interact with her people - take naps and short walks
Heidi Bee's Favorite Things: Toys, Pull Toys - talking to you, short walks, get a pat on the head
Making Friends with Heidi Bee: Pet her ... pull her toy for her ... walk her .... feed her She loves just about anything - likes to interact w/ her people, take short walks and then nap awhile and do it all over again.

I was dog sitting a puppy and Heidi Bee just wanted to keep that little fella in line with the program. She was playing with him and teaching him the ropes.

Current Health: Needs to lose another 3 - 4 lbs, she has lost 1 lb already and has become more active. Grade 3/6 heart murmur - no medication - she can`t take the high humidity/heat so she must be indoors. Ears need to be cleaned weekly.
Medicines Needed: Omega 3 for age related stiffness - over the counter and prevention